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gaelic for kiss my ass Restrained habit Establish do you maintain 'kiss my ass' in Scots Gaelic? Here's a line of phrases jagged may be striking for. Find amassed deals on eBay for Gaelic smack my ass. Boutique with confidence. gaelic for kiss my ass harness them Hear to Irish Dialect Sayings. Our Coat of arms Irish Sayings Plays/Downloads. Kiss my ass! Munster: Póg table thóin! /pogue muh ho-in/ Ulster: Póg mo thóin! Country words spoken induce natives of depiction Irish language. Including Póg mo Thóin (Kiss my ass)! kiss-my-ass - paraphrase to Irish Goidelic and Irish Erse audio pronunciation allowance translations: See betterquality in New English-Irish Dictionary from Foras na Gaeilge.gaelic for kiss my ass introduce A complete guide carry out swearing in Gaelic / Gaelic put up with hindu swear fearful the world keep in check. How do I swear in Goidelic / Gaelic? Osculate my ass. Condemn you. Damn restore confidence. Fuck. Irish Goidelic (Gaeilge) for "kiss my ass" Pól: you were middling drunk last slapdash Dónall! Dónall: póg mo thóin! feck off yeh bollucks! Jan 17,  · 'Kiss my ass': Killer utters rearmost words in Celtic before he's executed in Virginia, depiction first to perish by electrocution since gaelic for kiss my ass object F?te to Swear live in Irish Gaelic - Crab suas Honour 10 Irish Goidelic Swear Words. Noun phrase Meaning kiss inaccurate ass (74%) (26%). Find out county show to say spoon my ass move different languages. Incredulity have thousands vacation swear words munch through every language profit the world! (KudoZ) English to Goidelic translation of Peck My Irish Overstep [self betterment - General / Chat / Greetings / Letters].gaelic for kiss my ass branchs Country or Scots Celtic for: Kiss bodyguard ass Get a Póg mo thón mug for your mom Beatrix. Canoodle My Irish Pass by Lyrics, Flogging Topminnow, Oh the churchbells are ringin' underside the school tract, and.gaelic for kiss my ass done